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TPO-Mechanically fastened TPO over FR sh


Customized to Your Preferences

Incorporated in these roofs we can replace skylights, roof drains, gutters and crickets to divert water, remove and replacement of ac units, the building of wood platforms for ac units, resealing of ductwork, and total removal for abandoned units.

Ponding areas can be repaired by several different methods, each situation will be identified and the proper method will be used. Maintenance can be performed to prolong the life of the existing roof system. White acrylic and silicone coatings provide many years of additional protection 

We guarantee the range from 1 to 5 years from hull and sons and 10 to 25 years from manufacturers bonded roof systems.

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New Scupper drain from outside #1.JPG
TPO-Mechanically fastened TPO over FR sh
TPO-HVAC on curb with new ducting
TPO-Custom AC platform and ducting
3-Course Pics-Turbine #1
Polyester in Baseflashing #1
Polyester behind skylights #1
New Scupper drain from outside #1
Coating-Jim Commare-Multiple Duct.
Coating-Coragated roof-Overview
Near the End of Coating Process
New Conduit On Wood Blocks
HVAC #4 Finished Product
JackMax Finished Coating Pic #1
Parasoft 012
TPO-Walk deck around curbed AC units
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Loose Wall sheet
Large cracks in the mastick
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