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QUALITY - It Runs in the Family

When Harlan Hull started in the roofing business back in the 1960’s he didn’t know he’d be building a legacy for generations to come. He was just a young man working hard to make a living.

I started at age 15,” he recalls, “working part-time summers, vacations, weekends…” Harlan excelled at the work and before long had moved into a foreman’s position. His rise was interrupted by a stint in the Navy, but Harlan resumed his career afterward and soon felt the urge to start his own business.

It was tough going for a while. He solicited work door to door and worked out of the back of his Chevy Nova. His dedication paid off, and the new enterprise thrived. “I was running about a hundred guys at one point, he says, “doing a lot big new construction”.

The business went through several changes and moved, from the Los Angels area to its current location in Riverside. Harlan was looking at the long term. “We had two young boys,” he points out. “He decided he wanted to give them something to fall back on.” The result was Hull and Sons, with Cody and Kyle moving into key roles. Kyle- Runs day-to-day operations (purchasing, scheduling, etc.) and  Cody runs the Commercial sales and sales manager duties.

They’re now handling a big share of the business, along with other family members. It’s a natural fit. After all, they had an old pro to show them the ropes.

Experience. Integrity. Hard Work. Service.

It Runs in the Family

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